The Magical Valley of Arriri

Coming to the Arriri Festival in Sicily? Let me share with you my experience of the place, the landscape, the Sicilian rock, and I don’t mean the music. I visited Arriri’s Full Moon Gathering with friends in October 2017. Trying to find the superlatives to describe my experience…

’OMG’ doesn’t capture it. ‘Life changing’ it was, but the phrase is over-used. ’Awesome’, ‘Incredible’, yes, my experience was beyond belief at times… but none of those words does it. So I revert to the words of my host, my good friend who organised our beautiful gathering:

“Be aware…. Be prepared…. Be yourself…. and all will end with smiles  ;-)”

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ARRIRI ::: Amici

  • Friends of Arriri

    Marco Andolina – Organic Sculptures


    Massimiliano Taki – Handmade Jewellery


    Cherub Sanson – Therapeutic Musician & Sound Imagineer


    Alessandro di Benedetto – Handmade Jewellery and Indian Stones


    Salvo – Sculptor and Metal Specialist


    Wolf – Mime Artist and Landscaping Specialist


    Vito See – Sculptor and Landscaping Artist


    Pepe – Construction Wizard


    Enzo – Sound & Stage Manifestator


    ADAM.X – Pianist, Saxophonist, Producer, DJ


  • World’s Largest Symphonic Gong

    ARRIRI ::: The Music

  • 3 STAGES

    Three Music Stages Featuring International DJs, Live Acts, Sound Healing and Surround Sound with Music Composed Exclusively for ARRIRI. Music styles: Psytech, Psydub, Techno, Minimal, House, Dub, Reggae, Chill-out, Live Acoustic, Psytrance, Psybient, Electronic….



    The Line-Up

    Slavaki (RU), Thalia (RSA), Psycow (IT), Iano Orofino (IT), Digital Dream (RSA), Nonzobass (IT), El Bueno (IT), Uroboro (IT), Reality Grid (UK), Luca Recupero (IT), Herukajon (UK), EVP (UK), Young Kim (KR), Beardy Weardy (UK), FL3X (IN), ToneTra (UK), Digital Dub (RSA), Mistical Sound System present: Mistical (IT), Lupen (IT), CR35TA (IT), Ciuridda (IT), DubShotta (IT), PastaRasta (IT), … and more to follow.

    Tone-Tric Theatre

    Tim Wheater, Cherub, Aaron
    Interactive, ambient electronic groove, mystical vibrations that journey beyond the edge…

    Mr Shay – Conscious rapper, loop pedal artist, beatboxer:
    Transporting listeners into harmonic trances, painting pictures through words, abstracted soundscapes and rhythmic beats.

    Lulu Rose – Yoga & meditation teacher, spoken word artist:
    Interplanetary poetry, guiding journeys into deep positive self connection

    Ondrej – drummer, conscious artist & Carise – harmonic Hang:
    Tribal space drum circles, connecting you to the pulse of your soul

    The Lyrical Nomads – Na-yo, Roaman & Thomas James Smith:
    Incredible acoustic live jamming with the worlds most wonderful roamers…

    Dominique Analise – sound healer

    Rob Pellegrino Roots Sensation – Chilled dub Reggae set

    Danni Spooner – Contact improvisation dance workshop

    Ellenah Fawcett – Movement Meditation

    Giulia Kaur – Kundalini Yoga



    Arriri’s Sun stage, Powered by Mystical Sound System, presents:
    Mistical, Lupen, CR35TA, Ciuridda, DubShotta & PastaRasta.


    Preview some of the Arriri artists on aiowave.com:

    EVP (UK)

    Digital Dream (South Africa)

    Herukajon (UK)

    Mark Beardy (UK)

    Iano Orofino (Sicily)

    PsyCow (Sicily)

    Nonzobass (Sicily)

    Young Kim (South Korea)

    Thalia (South Africa)

    Slavaki (Russia)





  • ARRIRI ::: Participate

  • Would you like to participate in our events?
    We are looking to work together with a wide range of DJs, performers, artists, healers, vendors, volunteers, etc…

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  • ARRIRI ::: Full Moon Events


  • ARRIRI ::: The Way

  • How to reach Arriri

    Arriri is located in the beautiful Pantalica Area near Syracuse, Sicily, less than an hours drive from Catania airport. The festival site is on the SP9 (Strada Provincial 9), in between Carlentini and Sortino.

    Nearest Airport: Catania “Fontanarossa” (CTA)

  • ARRIRI ::: The Food

  • Did I mention the food? Did I mention that the area has biggest pistachios in world and the strongest flavoured Pachino tomatoes that only grow in Southern Sicily? The food is abundant, all of it tasty beyond belief. Arancini, Cannoli, Pizzoli, Parmigiana, Granita…. there just isn’t such a thing as bad food on Sicily. The Arriri valley has fields of nut trees that will be ripe during the festival, but try to leave alone the other wild food that you find in the woods, such as wild pigs and horses. It has been said that in the season the forest’s bounty even includes magic mushrooms.

    The Foraging Cooks

    Two of our Sicilian hosts were great foraging cooks, Antonella and her husband Ciccio (nicknamed Caravallo Pazzo or “Wild Horse” on account of his diminutive stature housing a giant inside). Late one night they allowed us to witness under torchlight Antonella foraging for herbs in the lush meadows, chatting away to herself in anticipation of the feast she was planning. She found wild spring onions, wild garlic, borage, mint and other green leave, which she later cooked on the campsite little 2-ring stove into an amazing meal for a dozen hungry English blokes.

    Ciccio kneaded chapatti bread (I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had ground the grain himself), rolled it using a beer bottle, then cooked it outside on the open fire, before Antonella wrapped each chapatti around some lumps of Ricotta (made from goats milk that afternoon) and spoonfuls of her cooked herb concoction. Served with local red wine beside the fire, it was a morsel of paradise. My mates and I had tasted Ricotta (the British supermarket version), but the homemade Sicilian variety, flavoured with hand-picked herbs and a pinch of chilli flakes, put smiles on our faces.


  • ARRIRI ::: The Magic

  • One with the Rock.

    April’s sun already burned, when I lay prostate on a rock overlooking the valley with a local guy, who teaches tantric sex to couch surfing travellers. Waddaguy! He was becoming one with the rock, lying across a giant boulder as if mounting it, telling us to make love to the rock from where our atoms originate. He feels connected to the rock, it was visible, believable.

    Visitors from all around the world.

    Later we visited his rooftop pad in Catania and read a few of the hundred goodbye notes left pinned to a door. We felt like we understood his couch surfing mentality. All these visiting Europeans who had felt the need to leave love notes to the Sicilian prince of tantra:
    “You changed my life” and “You made me see a new side to Sicily”…  There’s a natural freedom here, something raw, and alive with international souls.

    The Path of Arriri.

    Normally I’m all about finding your own way, creating your own path. But here… a word of warning: don’t come to the paradise valley expecting to be embraced and nurtured like you are in the maternal English countryside. This is Sicilian farming country at the foot of an active volcano. The landscape is magnificent but it will chew you up and spit you out, if you take the rocky route up the valley’s side like we did. The scenery on the plateau above the valley is worth the climb up the valley wall, and then some. You imagine yourself in a Palaeolithic landscape, with human cave homes, crystal springs, Roman aqueducts and flower meadows. Stick to the paths to enjoy these sights unscathed. Up here you can camp during the festival, and relax whilst overlooking the valley arenas and swimming pool. That’s my advice.

  • ARRIRI ::: Accommodation

  • Accommodation

    • 3 Nights included. You can arrive one day before the festival start (26 July 2018)
    • Rustic camping
    • Showers & toilets
    • Bring your own tent, sleeping bag & sleeping mat
    • Dogs are not allowed anywhere on site

    VIP Sleeping

    • Large, high tent.
    • Raised alu/canvas bed with bedding

    Sleeping Locations

    • Main Rustic Camping Area.
    • Wild Camping Area.
    • Sleeping Under the Stars.
    • Hammock (bring your own).
    • Caves! The mountains surrounding the valley are studded with caves. Explore at your own discretion: Original Cave Man living, with no amenities.

    The Weather

    • Sunny during the day, Moony during the night. Summer starts around April and ends in November.