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    “Nestled in the most unlikely of locations on the island of Sicily is the fresh and emerging Arriri Festival.  Timed just perfectly for the lunar eclipse of 2018, this intimate festival delivered a special and unique experience for all involved.

    From arrival on the island to a rather sad and swift departure back to the UK, I can only remember being treated like family; with a meet & greet at the airport, transfers back and forth, a special welcome on site, a private bungalow very nearly all prepared, access to a full bar and restaurant, and swimming pool.  What more can one ask for!   

    With an all female opening ceremony to celebrate the magic of the eclipse, the mood was set for a night of epic proportions, supported by an incredible build; sound and lighting, characteristic sculptures and distinctive décor across the site; all so clearly built with passion and with love.

    A short distance from the main stage Dachshund Records hosted the grooviest and most funky space anyone could think of for the perfect pool party, with impromptu performances from live instrumentalists and couples yoga to ecstatic dance around the pool.  

    As artists, we were treated to a complimentary body massage too amidst a vibrant poolside market, a great spot to pick up a rare souvenir to mark the occasion.  And with temperatures soaring above 36 degrees during the day the only place to be is within steps of the pool, Gin & Tonic in hand!  For a more rustic affair, at the bottom of the hill, a stream flows gently through the valley, dotted with pebbles under the cool of the trees; ideal for relaxation with friends or solitary down time.

    Overall; what can I say – an overwhelmingly positive experience; a festival filled with diversity in a line up of DJs and performers featuring both local and international acts, holistic therapy, fun in the sun, meeting friends both new and old, and authentic Sicilian cuisine to keep up the energy levels, amidst a simply magical setting. 

    There really is something for everyone here.  This festival comes highly recommended!”

    (Amaluna, 2018)



    “A massive thank you to all of the Arriri crew! From the second we arrived, we were welcomed with open arms by the crew who were all amazing people and made us feel like part of the family straight away. It was a real pleasure to meet such a great bunch of people in a new country and make some great new friends. 

    The decor, sound, lighting and vibes were all on point and created the perfect environment to enjoy the music and vibes. The main stage was particularly impressive, with great decor/set design, 77 with brilliant views over the valley. (The sprinkler system to keep everyone cool on the dance floor was a stroke of genius!) 

    The festival site is amazing, being in an area of outstanding natural beauty. It was definitely one of the highlights of my year playing out of a great sounding system to such lovely people in a truly beautiful area of the country. Playing by the pool in the daytime with the mountain views in the background was certainly pretty epic, as was the lunar eclipse on the first night! 

    We were looked after incredibly well and wanted for nothing during our stay, the crew were great at making sure we were happy, fed and watered and making sure we had comfortable sleeping arrangements throughout our time there. They also extended the same hospitality to my girlfriend which was not expected, but was a really kind thing to do and meant we could eat meals together etc.

    We were also taken on a fantastic trip into the Sicilian countryside after the festival where we visited a UNESCO world heritage site and swam in beautiful clear fresh water pools, before returning to Catania to visit some of the more historical parts of the city. Otto deserves a special mention for being a fantastic tour guide and all round amazing guy, he has great energy and never stops making sure everyone around him is happy and having a good time!

    I came back from the trip with my heart filled by the laughter, kindness and good vibes experienced at the festival. We all had the best time at Arriri and can’t wait to come back and party with everyone soon! So much love to all of the Arriri crew! pastedGraphic.png x “

    (Technical Pillow, 2018)



    Grazie a tutti gli organizzatori dell’Arriri. Stupenda l’atmosfera, le istallazioni e le attività. Mi sono divertita tantissimo il venerdi notte e ho conosciuto persone fantastiche. Porterò questa esperienza e le persone conosciute nel mio cuore. Sperando di potervi incontrare al più presto o chissà alla prossima edizione del festival .

    (Anastacia Cas, 2018)



    “To all of the Arirri crew, a huge thank you for the enormously warm hospitality. From the minute we arrived in Sicily it was clear that those involved in the event are a special group. The organisers and crew are genuine, enthusiastic, have great vision and can implement their good ideas.

    The location of the festival is spectacularly beautiful and it was a real dream to play through a nicely tuned system with the dramatic mountain scenery in the background and also by the poolside with equally cool vistas. The decor and projection mapped surfaces around the olive-tree-surrounded site make it come alive at night.

    During the day – fresh nutritious food, swimming in the river or pool, enjoying music while laying on a sun-lounger, not bad!! It was also lovely to spend a few days exploring the Sicilian scenery in nearby locations which included a trip to a UNESCO world heritage site and strolls through the volcanic streets of historic Catania.

    You guys created a unique experience for all of us. I can’t fault any part of our whole trip and am honoured to have come away with a many great new friends. I would recommend this festival to anyone looking for a great experience in glorious Sicily.”

    (Little Thoughts, 2018)


    A. BIER

    So the story goes like this… Once apon a time, I met a wizard named Jon who invited me to what turned out to be the most amazing fun packed, soul filling, bloody beautiful festival called Arriri, filled with the most beautiful people in the most lush setting.

    I fully enjoyed my time there, meeting all kinds of folk and dancing all the time with lovely people.

    I am very much looking forward to getting involved fully with the next up coming events and highly recommend that you all check it out. Hopefully next year we will dance next too each other in the sun of Sicily. Until then be kind, be lovely, laugh, dance, cry and most importantly: be your self.

    Peace, love and togetherness!

    (Alexander Bier,  2018)



    Ogni singolo sguardo e sorriso per sempre dentro di me. E fuori di me, a vibrare di energia e coraggio. Anime dolci belle e libere. Grazie Vita!

    Grazie a tutti i volti che non hanno un nome, a tutti i nomi che già porto e porterò nella mia crescita, alla mia guida che mi guida silenziosa, alla sicurezza che mi avete dato, ai colori, ai profumi colorati in quello scrigno lassù, al tuo sorriso in quel sogno di vibrazioni, alla mia libellula nera, al flauto, all’improvvisazione, alla condivisione, alle connessioni di un abbraccio senza parole.

    Grazie alla memoria, alla luna, ai tuoi occhi scuri, i tuoi occhi azzurri verdi, puntini dolci, laghi caldi, a tutti quegli occhi veri, a quel bambino durante la colazione, alla danza di emozioni scatenata tra le mie mani e le tue, al suono, a madre natura, all’impazienza disorientata della prima notte che si è trasformata in accettazione e semplicità, all’anguria! ai confini che ho spezzato, ai momenti che non ho apprezzato, a quella musica che non capisco, alla melodia delle chitarre che amo.

    Grazie allo yoga, a voi di fronte a me così rispettosi e entusiasti, alle gambe indistruttibili, al petto aperto, alla disontossocazione dal virtuale, a chi mi ha dato spazio, a chi ha rispettato il distacco, alla fiducia, all’umiltà delle donne forti, alla semplcità, al flusso, a quel posto speciale intoccabile, alle lacrime, a te sotto quel rosso che hai riempito un vuoto di anni, la vostra bellezza, alla mia libertà, l’amore per me stessa per il quale avrò più rispetto e non avrò mai più senso di colpa, alle parole che non servono, a tutti voi che mi avete insegnato a non essere triste per le esperienze che terminano, perchè le connessioni restano per sempre. GRAZIE Arriri!

    (Marta Crocellà, 2018)

  • ARRIRI ::: No Wifi

  • ARRIRI ::: Amici

  • Friends of Arriri

    Marco Andolina – Organic Sculptures


    Massimiliano Taki – Handmade Jewellery


    Cherub Sanson – Therapeutic Musician & Sound Imagineer


    Alessandro di Benedetto – Handmade Jewellery and Indian Stones


    Salvo – Sculptor and Metal Specialist


    Wolf – Mime Artist and Landscaping Specialist


    Vito See – Sculptor and Landscaping Artist


    Pepe – Construction Wizard


    Enzo – Sound & Stage Manifestator


    ADAM.X – Pianist, Saxophonist, Producer, DJ


  • Healing Workshops


    Arriri is connection. Connection to our deeper selves, and from there, to the universe. Arriri is nature. Our true nature, our surrounding nature, seeing and feeling, beyond the rational mind, our true essence. Arriri will take you through a journey of the 5 elements, via workshops, practices, rituals, ceremonies and sounds. We will discover our roots to mother Earth, flow with Water, Purify with Fire, take flight with Air and merge into One in Ether.
    Didgeridoo Sound Bath  (Valentina Bianca)
    Natural Medicine Workshop
    Ayurvedic Massage (Valentina Bianca)
    Art Therapy (Dagmar Bruck)
    Water Purification Ceremony (Marta Crocellà & Sindana)
    Vinyasa Flow Yoga  (Marta Crocellà)
    Women’s Circle (Tea D’Agata)
    Ecstatic Dance (Marco Gemellaro)
    Thai Massage (Andrea Giusto)
    Kundalini Yoga (Giulia Gurukirat Kaur)
    Shamanic Journey (Giulia Meeta)
    Gong Bath (Michele Nunnari)
    Slackline Workshop (Andrea Oglialoro)
    Crystal Bowls (Sindana)
    Face Massage, Relaxing Massage & Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Monica Formica)
    & … More to be confirmed !

    Marta Crocellà – Water Purification Ceremony & Vinyasa Flow Yoga

    Purifying yourself from old impressions, allow life to flow freely. There are no obstacles that water cannot overcome.


    Dagmar Bruck – Art Therapy

    All of us have the capacity to express our feelings, conflicts and emotions visually. Creativity is our natural state of being. We all knew it when we were children. As adults we only have to open our wings again and fly.

    Sindana – Crystal bowls

    Let the vibrations from the crystal bowls dive deep into yourself and flow to your creative source.

    Fiore dell’Etna – CaMatri Workshop Natural Medicin.

    Join Valentina Bianca for a workshop with 100% natural ingredients. Flowers of Sicily, handpicked, handmade, with love.


    Giulia Gurukirat Kaur – Kundalini Yoga.

    Valentina Bianca – Ayurvedic Massage Workshop.

    Giulia Meeta – Shamanic Journey.

    A journey into the spiritual universe to find your shamanic guide. Burn what is not necessary, ignite your true self.

    Valentina Bianca – Didgeridoo Sound Bath.

    A sound bath in the Air Element. Take flight and hover above your realms, see the big picture… seeing all as one.


    Tea d’Agata – Women’s Circle

    Reconnect with Mother Earth and your deepest emotions. Embrace your sacred feminine nature. We are One.

    Monica Formica – Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Face Massage, Relaxing Massage.

    Andrea Giusto – Thai Massage & Workshop

    Experience your body’s full range of movements, Feel the flow of energy,
    Turn the discomfort into pleasure, Turn fear into equanimity,
    Feel the breathing of your soul, Feel the love in you,
    Because you ARE love!!!


    Sound has a far greater effect on our everyday existence than we can even imagine. High frequency sound can measurably affect brainwave activity, stimulating sympathetic vibration in our cells. It can be said that illness is a manifestation of dis-harmony within the body—an imbalance in the cells or organs. Since all matter is energy vibrating at different rates, by altering the rate of vibration we can change the structure of matter….

    Michele Nunnari – Gong  Bath

    The Gong has been used in various cultures as far back as 16,000bc. It stimulates the glandular system, mega portal to the brain, sonic tool to empower health, learning and productivity. The gong resonates all cells of the body, impacting brain waves, respiratory rate and heart rate. It develops and stimulates neurons in the frontal cortex, making it a powerful vehicle for meditation and a gateway to heightened states of awareness and consciousness.



    Danni Spooner – Contact Improvisation Workshop


    Cherub Sanson & Annalise – Sound Healing

  • ARRIRI ::: The Music

  • 3 STAGES

    Three Music Stages Featuring International DJs, Live Acts, Sound Healing and Music Composed Exclusively for ARRIRI. Music styles: Chillout, Psydub, Techno, Minimal, House, Trance, Live Acoustic, Psytrance, Psybient, Electronic….


    The Line-Up

    2018 (preliminary)

    Herukajon (UK), Little Thoughts (UK), Technical Pillow (UK), Amaluna (UK), Uroboro (IT), Plantstep (IT), Nonzobass (It), Psyked (IT), Iano Orofino (IT), Zen  Granita (NL), Koska (IT), Ctrl.Alt.Break (IT), Pulao (IT), Brain Drain (IT), The S.o.M. (IT), The Baron of  MishMash (FR), Melo Atezu Uzeta (IT), Orange (IT), Ertönen Traümen (IT) & More To Be Confirmed!

    ARRIRI 2017 Retrospect:



    View some of the Arriri artists on AiOwave.com:

    EVP (UK)

    Digital Dream (South Africa)

    Herukajon (UK)

    Mark Beardy (UK)

    Iano Orofino (Sicily)

    PsyCow (Sicily)

    Nonzobass (Sicily)

    Young Kim (South Korea)

    Thalia (South Africa)

    Slavaki (Russia)




  • ARRIRI ::: Participate

  • Would you like to participate in our events?
    We are looking to work together with a wide range of DJs, performers, artists, healers, vendors, volunteers, etc…

    Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.





    • Lunar Eclipse 2018 retrospect


      27-29 July 2018

      International Full Lunar Eclipse Gathering

      A celebration of positivity & creativity, drenched in Sicilian sun. A gathering of consciousness from around the world, unified by a refreshing mix of music styles. Soundscape your body and be reborn as you connect with the elements in the magical Valley of Arriri. The first day of the festival kicks off with the longest full lunar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting more than 100 minutes! The total eclipse starts shortly after sunset, at 20:23. The Arriri festival site opens at noon.

      The Music

      Chillout, Progressive, Minimal, Techno, PsyTrance, PsyTech, Electronic, Psybient, Ambient & Live Acts. Three Music Stages Featuring International DJs, Live Acts and Music Composed Exclusively for ARRIRI.

      The Line-Up

      Herukajon (UK)  • Little Thoughts (UK) • Technical Pillow (UK) • Amaluna (UK) • Technical Thoughts (UK) • Uroboro (IT) • Koska (IT) • The Baron of MishMash (FR) • Zen Granita (NL) • Plantstep (IT) • Nonzobass (IT) • Psyked (IT) • Iano Orofino (IT) • Ctrl.Alt.Break (IT) • Pulao (IT) • Brain Drain (IT) • The S.o.M. (IT) • Melo Atezu Uzeta (IT) • Ertönen Traümen (IT), Orange (IT)  & More To Be Confirmed!

      Healthy Lifestyle

      Valentina Bianca – Didgeridoo, Natural Medicine Workshop, Ayurvedic Massage • Dagmar Bruck – Art Therapy • Marta Crocellà – Water Purification Ceremony, Vinyasa Flow Yoga • Tea D’Agata – Women’s Circle • Marco Gemellaro – Ecstatic Dance • Andrea Giusto – Thai Massage • Giulia Gurukirat Kaur – Kundalini Yoga • Giulia Meeta – Shamanic Journey • Michele Nunnari – Gong Bath • Monica Formica – Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Face Masssage, Relaxing Massage • Andrea Oglialoro – Slackline Workshop


      (Versione Italiana di seguito)


      On July 27th we are lucky to witness a stellar event: the Longest Eclipse of the century! But that’s not all!

      “The Moon will be at the maximum possible distance from the Earth. It will therefore be the so-called ‘miniluna’, that is, the smallest full moon of the year, “explains Gianluca Masi (astrophysicist responsible for Virtual Telescope). The total eclipse phase will last about 103 minutes, the longest of the century!

      Not far from the Moon, Mars will also make its appearance. In that same night it will reach opposition to the Sun “It is the ideal condition of visibility of the Red Planet, the best from the historical one of August 2003 – concludes Masi – The 2018 will be a so-called ‘great opposition’. Mars will show off its intense ruby color, paired with that of our satellite. It will be brighter than Jupiter, and overcome in brilliance only by Venus”.

      So, what is happening from an energy point of view? It is the great dance of masculine and feminine.

      For some time now we have heard that a new type of dialogue has opened up between masculine and feminine, precisely because both have changed and therefore the way of approaching each other has also changed. Even at this moment Mars and Venus are in opposition.

      Given that, masculine and feminine are polarities inherent in each of us, all this should be seen as something that happens and will happen inside, either outside, or in terms of relationship.


      The feminine worked hard, loved, cried, fought and forgiven. She investigated herself, accepted, accepted, made room in her womb and began to shine like never before! In order to allow this, the masculine has made a huge sacrifice: he has assumed the role of mirror, forcing himself to remain motionless under some points of view.

      At this point of the journey, however, something happened: the feminine really integrated the importance of loving oneself. So it is, in part or completely, “detached” from the masculine.

      The suffering was too much and so, like a sudden tear, she felt the need to move forward. To make that journey, even alone, even leaving the masculine behind.

      All in order not to remain firm, all to make concrete that love for ourselves that the masculine itself has taught us. As a teacher, as a guide, the masculine has shown us how to love ourselves, has purified us from the dependence and the need of the other. He taught us to love in a pure way: a “new” type of love that goes far beyond dependence, need, the old relationship dynamics that, by now, thankfully, no longer hold.

      It’s time to jump, it’s time to go further, it’s the moment of courage, at all costs, even at the risk of separation. And so it happened or is happening.

      If we were to hypothesize a dialogue between the two polarities, at this moment it would be:

      Female: “You helped me find the door and gave me the keys. Now I have accompanied you to the threshold, I showed you the door and I told you that, for you, this door will always be open. But I also told you, with suffering and conviction, that I can not stand still and wait. I told you that these “old” dynamics are no longer for me because they have ceased to be evolutionary. Now I have to go, please come with me. The choice is up to you, I can not replace your choice. I’m putting your teachings into practice, now please, come with me. “

      And here the masculine replied. Here is the will of the male not to stay behind. Here the Universe responds to the call and, in an immense act of love, helps us to be One again. Obviously, each of us will respond to this energy flow based on our own path.

      This is what will happen during the eclipse. The Moon offers itself and its courage, offers everything it has learned so far to allow the male to make that leap. The female slows down her run to offer a hand to the masculine. And on July 27th, Mars will shine like never before, surpassed in luster only by Venus.

      Masculine and feminine will finally reach a new balance within a new vibration, in an increased awareness.

      The romantic trait is that Venus will return to the scene on August 17, greeting the Perseids (rain of San Lorenzo): the sky will cry for joy for this magical meeting, the Sacred Union.

      (Claudia Di Pasquale).



      Stiamo per essere testimoni di un evento non da poco! Il 27 Luglio 2018 ci sarà infatti la più lunga Eclissi di Luna del secolo! Ma non solo! Cerchiamo di capire cosa accadrà.

      Il 27 luglio la Luna “si troverà alla massima distanza dalla Terra. Sarà quindi la cosiddetta ‘miniluna’, cioè la più piccola Luna piena dell’anno”, precisa Gianluca Masi (astrofisico responsabile del Virtual Telescope). La fase totale dell’eclissi durerà circa 103 minuti, la più lunga del secolo!

      A poca distanza dalla Luna, farà la sua figura pure Marte. In quella stessa notte raggiungerà infatti l’opposizione rispetto al Sole “E’ la condizione ideale di visibilità del Pianeta rosso, la migliore da quella storica dell’agosto 2003 – conclude Masi – Quella del 2018 sarà una cosiddetta ‘grande opposizione’. Marte sfoggerà il suo intenso color rubino, facendo coppia con quello del nostro satellite. Sarà più luminoso di Giove, e superato in brillantezza solo da Venere”.

      Quindi, cosa sta accadendo da un punto di vista energetico? È la grande danza del maschile e del femminile.

      Già da tempo sentiamo che un nuovo tipo di dialogo si è aperto tra maschile e femminile, proprio perché entrambi sono cambiati e quindi è cambiato anche il modo di approcciarsi l’un l’altro. Perfino in questo momento Marte e Venere sono in opposizione.

      Premesso che, maschile e femminile sono polarità insite in ognuno di noi, tutto questo va visto sia come qualcosa che accade e accadrà dentro, sia fuori, ovvero in termini di relazione.


      Il femminile ha lavorato tanto, ha amato, ha pianto, ha combattuto ed ha perdonato. Ha indagato se stesso, ha accolto, accettato, fatto spazio nel proprio grembo ed ha iniziato a splendere come non mai! Per poter permettere questo, il maschile ha compiuto un enorme sacrificio: ha assunto il ruolo di specchio, costringendo se stesso a rimanere immobile sotto alcuni punti di vista (non in maniera assoluta per fortuna!).

      A questo punto del viaggio però è accaduto qualcosa: il femminile ha realmente integrato l’importanza di amare se stesso. Si è quindi, in parte o del tutto, “distaccato” dal maschile.

      La sofferenza è stata troppa e così, come uno strappo improvviso, ha sentito la necessità di andare avanti. Di compiere quel viaggio, anche da solo, anche lasciando “indietro” il maschile.

      Tutto pur di non rimanere più ferma, tutto pur di rendere concreto quell’amore per sé stessi che il maschile stesso ci ha insegnato. Come un maestro, come guida, il maschile ci ha mostrato come amare noi stesse, ci ha depurato dalla dipendenza e dal bisogno dell’altro. Ci ha insegnato ad amare in maniera pura: un “nuovo” tipo di amore che va ben oltre la dipendenza, il bisogno, le vecchie dinamiche di relazione che, ormai, per fortuna, non reggono più.

      È il momento del salto, è il momento di andare oltre, è il momento del coraggio, a tutti i costi, anche a rischio del distacco. E così è accaduto o sta accadendo.

      Se dovessimo ipotizzare un dialogo tra le due polarità, in questo momento sarebbe:

      Femminile: “Mi hai aiutato a trovare la porta e me ne hai consegnato le chiavi. Adesso io ti ho accompagnato alla soglia, ti ho mostrato la porta e ti ho detto che, per te, questa porta sarà sempre aperta. Ma ti ho anche detto, con sofferenza e convinzione, che io non posso più rimanere ferma ad aspettare. Ti ho detto che queste “vecchie” dinamiche non fanno più per me perché hanno ormai smesso di essere evolutive. Ora io devo andare, ti prego, vieni con me. La scelta sta a te, non posso sostituirmi alla tua scelta. Sto mettendo in pratica i tuoi insegnamenti, ora ti prego, vieni con me”.

      Ed ecco che il maschile ha risposto. Ecco la volontà del maschile di non rimanere indietro. Ecco che l’Universo risponde alla chiamata e, in un immenso atto d’amore, ci aiuta ad essere nuovamente Uno. Ovviamente, ognuno di noi risponderà a questo flusso energetico in base al proprio cammino.

      Questo è quello che accadrà durante l’eclissi. La Luna offre sé stessa e il suo coraggio, offre tutto quello che ha imparato fino ad ora per poter permettere al maschile di compiere quel salto. Il femminile rallenta la sua corsa per porgere una mano al maschile. E Marte, il 27 Luglio, brillerà come non mai, superato in lucentezza solo da Venere.

      Maschile e femminile finalmente raggiungeranno un nuovo equilibrio all’interno di una nuova vibrazione, in una aumentata consapevolezza.

      Il tratto romantico è che Venere tornerà sulla scena il 17 Agosto, salutando le Perseidi (pioggia di San Lorenzo): il cielo piangerà di gioia per questo magico incontro, l’Unione Sacra.

      (Claudia Di Pasquale).


    • ARRIRI ::: The Way

    • How to find Arriri

      Arriri is located in the beautiful Pantalica Area near Syracuse, Sicily, less than an hours drive from Catania airport. The festival site is on the SP9 (Strada Provincial 9), in between Carlentini and Sortino.

      Nearest Airport:      Catania “Fontanarossa” (CTA)

      GPS Coordinates:   37.196, 15.021


    • ARRIRI ::: The Food

    • Did I mention the food? Did I mention that the area has the biggest pistacchios in world and the strongest flavoured Pachino tomatoes that only grow in Southern Sicily? The food is abundant, all of it tasty beyond belief. Arancini, Cannoli, Pizzoli, Parmigiana, Granita…. there just isn’t such a thing as bad food on Sicily. The Arriri valley has fields of nut trees that will be ripe during the festival, but try to leave alone the other wild food that you find in the woods, such as wild pigs and horses. It has been said that in the season the forest’s bounty even includes magic mushrooms.

      The Foraging Cooks

      Two of our Sicilian hosts were great foraging cooks. Late one night they allowed us to witness under torchlight their foraging for herbs in the lush meadows. Wild spring onions, wild garlic, borage, mint and other green leaves, which were later cooked on the campsite’s little 2-ring stove into an amazing meal for a dozen hungry English blokes.

      Freshly kneaded chapatti bread (I wouldn’t have been surprised if the grain was hand-ground), rolled using a beer bottle, then cooked outside on the open fire, before being wrapped in chapatti around some lumps of Ricotta (made from goats milk that afternoon) and spoonfuls of the cooked herb concoction. Served with local red wine beside the fire, it was a morsel of paradise. My mates and I had tasted Ricotta (the British supermarket version), but the homemade Sicilian variety, flavoured with hand-picked herbs and a pinch of chilli flakes, put smiles on our faces.


    • ARRIRI ::: The Magic

    • Totally in Love

      ARRIRI. That’s the Sicilian word for: SMILE. Of course! I haven’t wiped the grin from my face since leaving that magical valley. Back in London after a few days I still felt great, alive, not with it for office work, but above it. I felt like a new me. My soul was full of electricity. I could feel my heart pounding again.

      Maybe it’s just the fresh air, you might wonder? Yeah, that feeling after walk in the Yorkshire Dales? No, not that kind of alive. I felt TOTALLY in love with my girlfriend like never before, bursting with passion. I was pampering and caressing her like a lovesick puppy for days after arriving home. Before I left I had been flat, partially numb, stressed with London and the chattering monkey mind. Visiting the magical valley revitalised me in ways I could not have imagined!

      One with the Rock.

      April’s sun already burned, when I lay prostate on a rock overlooking the valley with a local guy, who teaches tantric sex to couch surfing travellers. Waddaguy! He was becoming one with the rock, lying across a giant boulder as if mounting it, telling us to make love to the rock from where our atoms originate. He feels connected to the rock, it was visible, believable.

      Visitors from all around the World.

      Later we visited his rooftop pad in Catania and read a few of the hundred goodbye notes left pinned to a door. We felt like we understood his couch surfing mentality. All these visiting Europeans who had felt the need to leave love notes to the Sicilian prince of tantra:
      “You changed my life” and “You made me see a new side to Sicily”…  There’s a natural freedom here, something raw, and alive with international souls.

      The Path of Arriri.

      Normally I’m all about finding your own way, creating your own path. But here… a word of warning: don’t come to the paradise valley expecting to be embraced and nurtured like you are in the maternal English countryside. This is Sicilian farming country at the foot of an active volcano. The landscape is magnificent but it will chew you up and spit you out, if you take the rocky route up the valley’s side like we did. The scenery on the plateau above the valley is worth the climb up the valley wall, and then some. You imagine yourself in a Palaeolithic landscape, with human cave homes, crystal springs, Roman aqueducts and flower meadows. Stick to the paths to enjoy these sights unscathed. Up here you can camp during the festival, and relax whilst overlooking the valley arenas and swimming pool. That’s my advice. (Phil H.)

    • ARRIRI ::: Accommodation

    • Accommodation

      • 3 Nights included. You can arrive one day before the festival start (26 July 2018)
      • Rustic camping
      • Showers & toilets
      • Bring your own tent, sleeping bag & sleeping mat
      • Dogs are not allowed anywhere on site

      Sleeping Locations

      • Main Rustic Camping Area.
      • Wild Camping Area.
      • Sleeping Under the Stars.
      • Hammock (bring your own).
      • Caves! The mountains surrounding the valley are studded with caves. Explore at your own discretion: Original Cave Man living, with no amenities.

      The Weather

      • Sunny during the day, Moony during the night. Summer starts around April and ends in November.
        Expect temperatures around 30 degrees in the daytime, 16 degrees in the night.